Sep 25

Bill Simmons suspension highlights uneasy, $15 billion relationship between the NFL and ESPN -

(Source: Washington Post)

Sep 16

All this whining made me remember how much I love U2 and listen to Joshua Tree nonstop, so I win.

Sep 15

I don’t follow the team so I don’t know, but every season preview of the Cincinatti @Reds contains a “Hunt for Red October” pun, right?

Aug 17

My 4 year old son at 1st #Nats game: Who’s that?
Me: Johnny & Ray.
Son: Who are Johnny & Ray?
Me: (thinking) …They work with @masnKolko

Aug 14

Do these Ferguson cops get any remedial training in the law? Or do they just get handed guns and handcuffs, and have at it?

— daveweigel (@daveweigel) August 14, 2014

So the police have: 1) Killed an unarmed teen 2) Fired tear gas & rubber bullets at mostly peaceful protesters 3) Arrested & blocked media

— Matt O’Brien (@ObsoleteDogma) August 14, 2014

Aug 13

American Skin (41 Shots) http://t.co/R0fEYlf31I

Aug 12

.@masnKolko with a @UBCommunity umbrella? #Buffalo

You’ve got to be kidding. MT @MetroEscalators: Two new #SilverLine escalators are broken at #McLean station @unsuckdcmetro #WMATA

Jul 12

Gospel: The voice that keeps you worrying isn’t from God. So you don’t have to pay attention to it. Treat it like any other dumb thought.

— James Martin, SJ (@JamesMartinSJ) July 12, 2014

Jul 11

Gospel: Living the Gospel brings opposition. On the other hand, people disagreeing with you may not be “persecution.” You may just be wrong.

— James Martin, SJ (@JamesMartinSJ) July 11, 2014

Jul 01

Bulls will have failed as an organization if Melo meeting does not involve @bennythebull popping out from someplace unexpectedly.

— Zach Lowe (@ZachLowe_NBA) July 1, 2014